I have been blogging off-and-on since the Fall of 2007. Before that, I wrote zines, and I was still involved with zines until late 2009 from an event planning position. Since then, I have earned a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and a Master's degree in Film Studies.

As holdontoyrgenre.com is re-launched in 2014, I will initially post new content on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and older content on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Because a chunk of my work in grad school involved horror and because I devoted a lot of space to horror the last year or two I blogged on a regular basis, most re-posts will be devoted to horror. I am trying to keep newer content more diverse. Monday will feature a longer essay or post, Wednesday will likely feature shorter posts, Friday will be Film Still Friday.

Because the content may be posted on both the main page and sometimes from the "Essays/Lectures" page, there is a section in the sidebar called "Posts This Week" that may be updated or a daily or weekly basis to show where the content is exactly.

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